Student Leadership

Our school’s Student Leadership Team consists of twelve 6th year students. Ten Prefects, Amanda Brown, Rachel Kinsella, Eva Cormack, Temilade Olorunleke, Amy Flanagan, Kate O’Brien, Leona Bridgeman, Ivana Rajaemmanuel, Fatima Mosses and Nandana Arun , and our Head Student, Sajida Ali, and Deputy Head Student, Deborah Ugoiwa. The Student Leadership team were elected last May following a rigorous process, by both students and staff.

The role of a Prefect is to be reliable, mature, independent and engaged in all school activities. The focus of The Student Leadership Team this year is on the voice of the whole student body and the impact it has on the school community and school life. In conjunction with the Student Council, The Student Leadership Team has decided to focus on the core values of respect and community.

Part of the role of our The Student Leadership Team is to actively engage with first and second year students and to that end, Prefects are assigned to a first and second year class where they routinely visit to be a guide, helping hand and a voice for newer students of the school.

Following an in depth training day with Gerry Watchorn, The Student Voice Team are proud to say that The Student Council have been asked to give a presentation to over 300 students at the annual Ceist conference on February 26th 2023.

Other initiatives that the SLT have been involved in while working towards the above core values include the planning of a inter-cultural day, with The Student Council, for all students to celebrate and explore other cultures. As well as that, The SLT planned a Halloween dress up day and a spooky-themed maths quiz to boost morale and improve the idea of school community. In addition, The SLT aided in the making of Christmas cards by Sancta Maria Students, from 1st to 6th year, for people in care homes across Dublin. Our school has also been working to achieve the Amber flag that shows our dedication and awareness of the importance of looking after our own mental health and the mental health of those around us. 


What being a member of The Student Leadership Team means to me:

“I’ve always admired and looked up to the prefects, and actually being in their shoes is such an amazing opportunity. I am very lucky to work alongside our Deputy Head Student, Debby, and a fine group of Prefects to make the following year an amazing and memorable one”

– Sajida.A (Head Student)

“As I began the Prefect Program, I loved every minute of it because it helped me develop my leadership skills and gave me the confidence, I needed in myself. For an introvert who lacked confidence, this was huge.

“Over the last few months as a prefect, I have grown so much. It taught me what it really means to be a role model for the younger year groups and an active student. If I hadn’t applied for this role, I would have never  grown into the person I am today.”

– Nandana Arun (Prefect)

Head Student: Sajida Ali (right)

Deputy Head Student: Deborah Ugoiwa (left)


  • Nandana Arun
  • Kate O’Brien
  • Amy Flanagan
  • Leona Bridgeman
  • Eva Cormack
  • Fatima Moses
  • Rachel Kinsella: Temilade Olorunleke
  • Amanda Brown

Student Council 2022-2023

Student Voice is an integral part of Sancta Maria College. The aim of the student council is to work in partnership with all members of the school community including the Board of Management, Principal, staff, students and parents. The Student Council team are provided with training annually to ensure that they develop the leadership skills required for their roles.

  • Alisha Ahmad Yuzri – 1st Year
  • Sammy Broderick – 1st Year
  • Rhiannon Murray – 2nd Year
  • Elaine Benny – 2nd Year
  • Amber Colton – 3rd Year
  • Ava McCormack – 3rd Year
  • Mia Keating – 4th Year
  • Aida Singeorzan – 4th Year
  • Emma Kelly – 5th Year
  • Khadija Ali Muhammed – 5th Year
  • Malak Alansary – 6th Year
  • Kamilat Sanni – 6th Year