Spiritual development

The spiritual development of students requires a partnership between home and school. At Sancta Maria College we strive to help students discover their own talents and abilities, and grow in self-knowledge and self-awareness as part of their search for their own truth. Throughout their teenage years, young people move from a literal, uncritical acceptance of faith to a questioning of everything; during this period, a girl begins to form her own views of the world and her own personal philosophy of life.

Teenage years are a time of questioning, exploring and establishing one’s own identity and exploring one’s own sense of meaning. Everything we do in Sancta Maria College is aimed at supporting that questioning and exploration.

As she searches for meaning in a world where she will be faced with many challenges of a spiritual, ethical and moral nature, your daughter will be rudderless if she has not had the opportunity during her formative years to critically reflect and evaluate in an environment that facilitates her doing so, while also having the opportunity to hear the supportive and opposing views of her teachers and peers from similar and other backgrounds.

For exploration of the spiritual in their lives, particular supports include the Religious Education Programme, Student Retreats, Mass, Liturgical Services, Reconciliation Services, Class Prayer and, when resources allow, a Chaplaincy service.

An appropriate and well-designed Religious Education Programme is implemented in each Year Group. The programme aims to:

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of all religious traditions
  • support faith development
  • raise awareness of morality and social justice.

On a biennial basis, SMC teachers and students travel to Kenya in Africa having undertaken a massive fundraising drive prior to the trip. The funds collected are then allocated to various projects and areas of need as identified by Mercy Sister Mary Killeen who works tirelessly for the poor and the forgotten of Kenya.