Leaving Cert Vocational Programme

What is Leaving Cert Vocational Programme?

Students who take the LCVP must take a minimum of five Leaving Certificate Subjects including Irish. Two subjects must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject groupings.  Students are also required to follow a recognised course in a modern European language.

Students must study the following Link Modules to provide a vocational focus:

  • Enterprise Education
  • Preparation for the World of Work

Aims of the Programme:

  • Realise the vocational potential of their Leaving Certificate Subjects
  • Become self-confident, innovative and resourceful
  • Acquire attitudes and skills appropriate to adult life, the world, the world of work and enterprise
  • Explore career opportunities in areas relevant to their vocational subject grouping and/or personal aspirations
  • Interact effectively with and learn from adults in the community
  • Utilise local business and community enterprise as learning resources together with knowledge, skills and enterprise from a variety of sources to accomplish set goals